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Grisamore: At 99, The Old Clockmaker Looks Back | Ed Grisamore | Macon.com

He was a paperboy for the afternoon Macon News. His image source family later moved to Napier Avenue. When he graduated from Lanier High in 1932, he took a job as an assistant to Ed Vandigriff, the manager of clicking here the Macon City Auditorium. He didnt like to type, so I did his typing, Hamrick said, laughing. It was during the Depression, so it wasnt a matter of doing what you wanted to do but what you could find to do. His father, Horace, was killed in an automobile accident on Hamricks 21st birthday. The funeral was held on Fathers Day. George Andersen was a neighbor who opened a jewelry store on Cotton Avenue in 1929, in the building where Golden Bough Bookstore is now located. He moved to the stores current location at 361 Second St. in 1933.
More: http://www.macon.com/2014/06/14/3149855/at-99-the-old-clockmaker-looks.html?sp=/99/148/

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